Montessori Material

Training Levels

Infant Toddler Training

This hands-on program concentrates on training adult learners about life spanning from prenatal to three years. These are the delicate years when personalities develop and skillsets are introduced. Our students gain invaluable training on how to invoke calm, grace, courtesy, consistency while also supporting the spirit of the child.

The academic phase retains over 220 clock hours with on-site attendance.

Classes are offered on weekends throughout the academic year or on weekdays during our summer intensive session.

The practicum phase requires students to complete an internship experience at an approved Montessori school in an area of concentration.

The infant toddler training allows interns to choose either an infant or toddler specific age range model during the practicum.

Montessori Early Childhood Training

The Montessori Early Childhood curriculum is dedicated to teaching children ages 2.5 to 6 years.

Students completing this program acquire 340 hours of coursework during the academic cycle, with the majority of area-based courses held on-site in fully-equipped classrooms.

The practicum phase allows the learner to have a rich experience teaching children Montessori materials.

Each practicum phase includes quarterly seminar hours that are scheduled on weekends and add over 20 hours towards the total coursework completion.

Summer Intensive Session

Unique to our West Chester location program, MITE now offers an intensive summer schedule, allowing students to complete their academic phase in a five month period.

  • The intensive schedules begins mid-June
  • Intensive classes are held on-site at our West Chester campus
  • Classes run Monday through Friday, ranging from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


  • Begins once students successfully complete 90% of course hours
  • Should take place during the academic year
  • Occurs at an approved Montessori school in a level classroom
  • Can be directed or self-directed based on program guidelines