Infant-Toddler Program

Our Infant-Toddler curriculum focuses on training adult learners to support children from birth to three years. This comprehensive study is structured upon the development of the child and the pivotal role of the environment plays in meeting the child’s needs. 

The academic phase retains over 220 clock hours onsite at our West Chester campus. Classes are offered on weekends throughout the academic year or on weekdays during our summer intensive session. The practicum phase requires students to complete an internship experience at an approved Montessori school in an area of concentration.

The infant-toddler training allows interns to choose either an infant or toddler specific age range model during the practicum.

The coursework, guided by the AMS curriculum components, includes:

  • 24 hours of Early Childhood Overviews
  • Philosophy
  • Pedagogy
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Environmental Design
  • Child, Family, & Community
  • Program Leadership
  • Child Development
  • Observation
  • Music