What is the Academic Phase?

The Montessori Institute of Teacher Education training program includes two phases. The first, academic phase, has a comprehensive course structure for each training level (infant-toddler and early childhood). Adult learners are required to complete anywhere from 220 to 340 course hours during this term.

This can take anywhere from four months to one year; depending on the program cycle you choose.

What is the Practicum Phase?

The second half of the training is considered your practicum phase. Adult learners spend an academic year in an approved Montessori setting as a directed or self-directed intern. During this phase, students also complete required observations, seminars, exams, and meetings with supervisors.

What happens once I’ve completed both phases successfully?

Upon review and successful completion of the training, adult learners are recommended to our affiliate organization, the American Montessori Society for Montessori certification at either the infant-toddler or early childhood level.

How Long Does It Take to Get Montessori Certified?

From start to finish students have completed our program within two years. Adult learners enrolled in the summer intensive cycle, can complete their training within a year and a half.

What Training levels are available?

Students have the option of enrolling in the Infant-Toddler Montessori training program or Early Childhood Montessori training program at our Institute.