Internship Phase

What a Practicum Entails


The purpose of the Teaching Practicum Phase is to provide the Adult Learner with a supervised teaching and learning experience with the age level relative to the Adult Learners’ academic educational preparation. 

The Practicum entails a minimum of four (4) clock-hours per day, five days per week, September through June, teaching experience in an approved Montessori school setting. At minimum, the daily practicum hours should allow the Adult Learner to experience the classroom from the time of the children’s morning arrival through their lunch transition. The Adult Learner (intern) applies theoretical knowledge to develop competencies required for certification. During the practicum year, the “supervised” Adult Learner will be visited, for the purpose of observation and support, a minimum of three (3) times, by a MITE Field Consultant. 

The “self-directed” Adult Learner will be visited a minimum of three (3) times. More visits may be deemed necessary, based on the needs of the Adult Learner and the feedback of the Field Consultant. 

After successful completion of the teaching practicum and required coursework, the Adult Learner will be recommended to AMS for a Montessori Infant Toddler teaching credential.

Supervised Practicum 

The Adult Learner works under direct, full-time supervision of a certified Early Childhood teacher, who is at least in the 2nd year of teaching at the level of instruction after receipt of the Montessori credential. The Supervising teacher ultimately maintains full responsibility for the classroom. 

The Supervised intern will receive a minimum of three visitations, from an assigned Field Consultant, during the course of the Practicum year. 

Self-Directed Practicum 

The Adult Learner may qualify for the Self-Directed Practicum with additional prerequisites approved by the Program Director.  Once approved, s/he works without the direct supervision or guidance of an Early Childhood certified teacher and maintains full responsibility for her/his classroom. 

The Self-Directed Adult Learner will receive a minimum of 3 on-site visits throughout the Practicum year from an assigned Field Consultant, and additional visits and/or consultation at the discretion of the Program Director.

There is an additional fee of $500 for a Self-Directed Practicum. This fee covers the cost of additional MITE Field Consultant visits and consultations.