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Montessori-Minis Education Workshops for Schools and parents

MITE is now providing small-group professional development workshops and sessions to schools, teachers and parent groups looking to implement practical, bite-size skills and ideas.

Summer Intensive Starts June 2023! APPLY TODAY

Choose From A Variety of Presentations

Making It Real: Cosmic Ed
Setting up a Successful Environment
Communication: Words & Actions
Making Practical Life Practical
Loving Nature with Children
Making My Presence : Assistant Training
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Understanding how to instill a love for community and citizenry in young children
What it takes to maintain a beautiful and smooth running class, by caring for the environment.
How to encourage thinking, intrinsic motivation, and resolve conflicts with how you respond
Setting up your space so it is relatable and toddler appropriate. The why’s behind practical life lessons.
Building a Love for nature and sharing it in the classroom. Plus making the most of your outside space.
Developing the skills to be a successful assistant in the Montessori Classroom

marie dugan, montessori

Meet Our Legendary Supporter: Montessorian, Marie Dugan

Marie Dugan started her Montessori journey as many of us did, through the lens of her child. Now over 50 years later, after having been a driving force in expanding Montessori  education, she continues to mentor and support her colleagues and friends. Marie has accumulated not only a passion, but a depth of experience whilst facilitating Montessori across numerous platforms. Her roles spanned from being an international NGO to directing a local Montessori school to supporting adult learners under  AMS, as an interim executive director and board  president. Marie is a significant and respected  Montessorian within our tri-state community.